Telekom Winners Circle 2011

For the eighth time, it was a pleasure to be asked to design the projections for Telekom’s only incentive programme. This year, we were responsible for the 3D video-mapping on stage for the award ceremony – and we had a lot of fun doing it! The big challenge for me was to incorporate all 350 winners’ names with sound cues into the mapping; we also had the fantastic A-Blok from Paris doing live digital painting – they had to be patched into the system too. We also provided the sound design for the whole show and managed to design Samsung’s films too!

As the scupltures that served as the projections surfaces were being custom-built in Spain, we decided fairly early on that we wanted to work with MadMapper – that gave us the flexibility to react to changes in the sculptures on site. Especially as all the video material was fully rendered in uncompressed full-HD. We had a separate system for the award ceremony, running through a DiVentix mixer; the digital painters ran through the mixer too.

It all ran like a dream! Definitely a highlight this year – many thanks to the great project team at Telekom and Do It for trusting us to do something different.

My part: Art Direction; Project Management, technical projection design.

Client: Skudi Optics and Eventdesign GmbH

Thanks to a fantastic team:

Markus Heilmann for the amazing 3D-animations

Klaus Singer for the last-minute support with 3D-animating

Fred Bordfeld for the mapping expertise and VDMX programming

Bram Van Der Poel for the music & sound design

Thomas Irmscher and all Geier-Tronic for the fantastic & uncomplicated technical support and Wings programming.



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