Telekom Street Gig Max Herre

For the first Street Gig this year we had a home game – Umspannwerk in Kreuzberg. My part was the usual Street Gig multimedia setup, and the location light design. We braved the snow to get everything up and running on time – and had fun doing it! Max rocked the house with a great stage show.

Client was Skudi Optics & Event GmbH.

Photos to come!

Deezer Launch Party

For the German launch party of music-streaming portal Deezer in February 2013, I designed the light and video in the Haus Ungarn (former .HBC Club). We customized some LED-columns to give them the Deezer Equalizer look and used these as a stage background for The Foals. VJ Kiritan Flux was on hand for some great visuals on the screen installation in the foyer.

Photos coming soon!

T-Systems Vertriebs-Kick Off 2013

It was a pleasure to be invited to do a video-mapping installation for the stage of the        T-Systems Sales Kick Off in February. We tailored our video onto the six custom-built side wings of the stage, addressing the key themes of the various presentations into our content. We even had a few pixels left over for the LED-Wall behind the presenters; and as if that wasn’t enough – we produced the key visual animation.

Thanks as always to a great team: Markus Heilmann, Fred Bordfeld, Kathy & Sara Kwon.

Client was Skudi Optics & Eventdesign for Do It GmbH.


Photos to come!

Move On!

November 6th saw me doing the lighting & projection design for the premier of Move On, which took place at the Kino International. From red carpet via stage design to location illumination & branding  - we made sure the location looked the part.

The film is directed by Asger Leth and stars Mads Mikkelsen and Alexendra Maria Lara; it made in cooperation with Telekom. What makes the the project really unique though, is the way that the audience were involved on the making of the film: from pre- to post-production, music and acting.

Production for Skudi Optics & Eventdesign / Client Kruger Media for Deutsche Telekom

Shop Window for Converse

Thanks to the colleagues from Bonoer, July found me working on a shop-front installation for Converse. Quite a short preparation phase and turnaround, I was still very happy with the results.


Agency Bonoer // my Client Skudi Optics & Eventdesign GmbH // Video animations by Flux @ Kopiloten // fantastic carpentry & setup work by Andre Eichner & Marc Schütt.

Olympian Projections

Nothing to do with the London Olympics (although I would dearly loved to have been involved in Danny Boyle’s fantastic Isles Of Wonder) – this was a production in the Berliner Olympiastadion, a fashion show for Camp David. Our job was to illuminate the side of the stadium behind the stage – the tiers were to be divided up into accurate colour fields that reflected the different elements of the Camp David collection. This was a job for Vexs’ 7KW Über-Projectors – the projection distances were between 80 and 120 meters, the picture size roughly 30×60 meters – each colour field was made up of two soft-edged projections, so the colour matching was a big challenge. But after so much work on video installations this year, it was great to go analogue again.

A cooperation with Spreefunkeln / Daniel Margraf & Vexs / Mark Stalschus.

Telekom Winners Circle 2011

For the eighth time, it was a pleasure to be asked to design the projections for Telekom’s only incentive programme. This year, we were responsible for the 3D video-mapping on stage for the award ceremony – and we had a lot of fun doing it! The big challenge for me was to incorporate all 350 winners’ names with sound cues into the mapping; we also had the fantastic A-Blok from Paris doing live digital painting – they had to be patched into the system too. We also provided the sound design for the whole show and managed to design Samsung’s films too!

As the scupltures that served as the projections surfaces were being custom-built in Spain, we decided fairly early on that we wanted to work with MadMapper – that gave us the flexibility to react to changes in the sculptures on site. Especially as all the video material was fully rendered in uncompressed full-HD. We had a separate system for the award ceremony, running through a DiVentix mixer; the digital painters ran through the mixer too.

It all ran like a dream! Definitely a highlight this year – many thanks to the great project team at Telekom and Do It for trusting us to do something different.

My part: Art Direction; Project Management, technical projection design.

Client: Skudi Optics and Eventdesign GmbH

Thanks to a fantastic team:

Markus Heilmann for the amazing 3D-animations

Klaus Singer for the last-minute support with 3D-animating

Fred Bordfeld for the mapping expertise and VDMX programming

Bram Van Der Poel for the music & sound design

Thomas Irmscher and all Geier-Tronic for the fantastic & uncomplicated technical support and Wings programming.



Telekom Street Gigs in Rostock

The excellent Jupiter Jones were up for the second gig in 2012; a fantastic location and amazing weather made this really good fun. We were at a metal recycling plant and there were cranes, bulldozers and wrecked cars all over the place. I’ll be posting some of my photos in the “Graphics & Photos” section, some great pictures there.

I did the general production design and branding using a mixture of City Colors and LED-Floods; video over 4 plasma screens and LED-panels in the front-truss.

Slides for Gretchen

After the sadness of the Icon closure, it was really nice to be able to do some work for Lars again. Just some old-school slide stuff; but I just love the way the halogen light and the slide film always seem to combine and look really…I don’t know…handmade? The warmth of the light and the depth of the colors just give something that you will never ever get with video beamers. I was taking some photos of the installation with long exposures when someone starting playing around with a torch giving rise to a new phenomenon:  augmented projections. (that name needs copyrighting).

Telekom Street Gigs with Jennifer Rostock in Marburg

A great little gig in the Botanic Gardens in Marburg. The concert took place in a tent, which was decorated with some of the fantastic plants that the gardens have in their collection.

My part was the usual branding/projection conception and production – this time we had a standard video setup of two beamers and five plasma screens, plus a whole load of LED lights.